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Winter Logging Road Members of the logging crew Unloading White Cedar timbers at the saw mill Debarking White Cedar Timbers Milling White Cedar Fence Pickets Milling White Cedar Fence Pickets Stacks of White Cedar Fence Panels at the saw mill

At Minnesota White Cedar Fence Co. we carry on the American logging tradition set-forth by our area’s forefathers. Based in Northern Minnesota, we are surrounded by God’s natural beauty and some of the world’s best White Cedar forests. Through responsible operating processes we help to ensure their continued existence while also providing you with outstanding fence materials as well as delivering jobs and steady employment for our local residents.


As a family owned and operated company we place great emphasis on quality-control, which is why we oversee all aspects of our products from start to finish. Our standard for all-inclusive quality-control means we work directly with area loggers and landowners to manage White Cedar tree harvesting. We also operate our own log yard and White Cedar saw mill, hand-assemble each fence panel, and coordinate on-time delivery.


It’s In Our Roots: Locally Harvested
Our forefathers had the understanding and drive to establish themselves here in Northern Minnesota and started this White Cedar fence business in 1960. They saw the innate qualities of our native White Cedar as a resource that could be developed and brought to the market as the best wooden fence available… strong, beautiful, and long-lasting. By obtaining the area’s first Small Business Loan they began harvesting; and as is their character, they were the first to payback their SBA loan. Following in their footsteps, we’ve been sustainably harvesting White Cedar timbers from managed native Northern Minnesota White Cedar forests ever since. From the forest to your front-yard, our company is the entire driving-force behind our solid White Cedar wood fence panels and related products.


It’s In Our Blood: Locally Milled
Our history and bloodlines in Northern Minnesota can be traced back over 125 years to Robert Whiteside, renowned business man and founder of the town of Ely. Today the 50-year history of our family-owned and operated White Cedar saw mill in the rugged North woods near the Canadian border shows off our traditions, based on pride and quality, which are reflected in our products.


The tradition runs deep. Since 1960, our White Cedar products have been hand processed at our family mill. And even earlier, our families worked in the lumber and logging industry. Today, that means you receive the benefits of our first-hand knowledge when making purchasing decisions. And you gain the satisfaction of using White Cedar fence panels that are more than just the best available wood for fencing; you gain a connection to the land, the people and the communities that help make our country great.

It’s A Natural Resource: We Waste Not
Our modern equipment and sustainable harvesting practices allow our manufacturing process to utilize the whole tree - decreasing waste for a more environmentally sensible approach. As a leading manufacturer of Northern White Cedar products in Minnesota, we are proud to provide you with a natural resource that is responsibly processed. Where integrity and affordability come together, you will know that you have found Minnesota White Cedar Fence Company and Green Forest Products.


It’s In Your Hands: Distributed Anywhere
Until recently, our high-quality, hand-made products were only available on a wholesale basis throughout the United States. Now, more businesses and consumers are able to purchase nature’s finest White Cedar products directly, allowing you to experience the value, quality and craftsmanship of our Minnesota made fence panels for yourself. Contact us to learn more.